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Subversive Beauty movie
Author: Ghoul
Date: 05-26-2008
Area: Movies & TV

For those of you who don't know it, Subversive Beauty is an art book by Luis Royo publishe...


The Botmaker
Author: Ghoul
Date: 06-13-2007
Area: Webs

Some time ago I started drawing, as a hobby, a comic strip. At first I only drew a strip from time t...


Author: Ghoul
Date: 05-10-2007
Area: Webs

I made this site for the World of Warcraft clan I belong to, called Invernalia, in the Horde side of...


Welcome to library of rain v4.0

All things dark, sinister; what makes us different. A taste for a special music, evoking, that identifies us and reflects the loneliness of the individual in modern life. A certain nostalgic look at past times, better than the present in memories if only for not being real anymore. Times when passions and desires seemed more powerful. A thin layer of cinism or angst, of melancoly or gloom, hidding an irrationally romantic and material spirit, at the same time.

All this could be an explanation of what means to be goth. But it could also be a good definition of what's not a true dark feeling. What only tries to clumsily imitate it. The pose that hides a complete lack of personality, a total insecurity. Because it's basically only a desire to have a good time. A desire for friendship, without false pretentions.

That's the contradiction inherent to any way of thinking.

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