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Garth Marenghi´s Darkplace
Autor: Fofiman
Fecha: 02-11-2008
Área: Cine y TV

"Bienvenido, viajero. Soy Garth Marenghi, escritor, visionario, productor, director y actor. Ese e...

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Sherlock Holmes por duplicado
Autor: Ghoul
Fecha: 28-10-2008
Área: Cine y TV

Parece ser que los fans del famoso detective de la calle Baker estarán de enhorabuena (o no) el añ...

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Sitges 2008, parte 2
Autor: Eklypse
Fecha: 11-10-2008
Área: Cine y TV

Los sábados por la tardedurante el festival, en el Melià Sitges acostumbran a poner las pelisque s...

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The Angel
Autor: Ghoul
Creado: 20-11-2001 18:46:04
Modificado: 20-11-2001 18:46:04
Tipo: Canciones

Gentle rain falling down on the stone,
reaching for hidden things underneath,
covered by years gone by watching men
turn the skin, once so soft, into rock.

For the rain knows no song other than
that which once whiteness sang from the skies,
time before eyes now cold turned to earth,
turned to man and the things that he did.

And it can´t understand why there´s now
no more light shining down from her lips.
Lips that now, frozen in quiet tears,
half-way dead, sing no song anymore.

So the rain pours once more for it lacks
eyes to see, like in mtyhs, Gorgon´s eyes.
All it has is deaf ears, and a voice
calling in to the stone, to the light.